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A bit about me. Where to start, my journey began with the love of animals and have been vegan for many years with the exception of the occasional egg which Henrietta lays for me once in a while (she is the hen I have named and adopted from the farm I keep my horse.  Covid lockdown had a lot to do with my change of carrier and taking a big jump of faith into Plant Power Grub. (At least something good came from the lockdown)!

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My Story to Plant Power Grub

People who don’t know me might say I’m having a mid life crisis, going into a new business that no one has done before.  Anyone who knows me will know that is exactly the sort of thing I would do. 


I have always had an enquiring mind to the unusual and unexplored, so starting a purely vegan mobile catering business, to some people, may be seem a crazy thing to do. To me it makes perfect sense. Being vegan and a lover of food, as well as being able to meet wonderful like minded people, calling it work, sounds perfect to me.


I have explored various avenues of career over my 40  years of working, from office, to stage as a singer and to the salon as a hair extensionist.  I am a qualified Reiki Master, a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Practitioner and have enjoyed a more esoteric way of  thinking. Working as much as I can in harmony with the earth using only biodegradable packaging, growing my own herbs and veggies when I can feels right to me and the only way to go.


Loving what you do each and every day, is what I always put into practice, making and serving up wonderful vegan food is my way of saying thank you to all the wonderful souls that feel the same way about our planet and all that live on her. 


I have been told by some of my customers that I have converted there carnivore family members with the amazing Beyond Meat Burgers, that I served. However since the start of my journey, I am now more concerned with the health and wellbeing of my customers and the environment and no longer serving processed foods.  I make my own incredible  falafels which are served up with organic fresh ingredients and homemade sauces. 

A Bit About Our Food


Our menu has been evolving since I started the business.  When I first started out my menu I wanted to serve up all 100% homemade food.  However I would have needed a large commercial kitchen and lots of staff as well as a huge catering trailer to serve. 


Oh and the Vegan Soft Serve Ice cream  & Thick Shakes has been a real winner and a great treat for so many this summer it is 100% Vegan, GMO and GLUTEN free.  Yes it is also homemade. 



Plant Power Grub are also available to hire for private events and celebrations and would love to hear from anyone who want to offer quality vegan foods to their guests.

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Tel: 07944 620507